Collection: Decoy Weights

Our Recycled Lead Decoy Weights Are The Best Decoy Anchors For Texas Decoy Rigs 

One thing that every waterfowl hunter worries about is having decoy weights outfitted on their decoy spread that will anchor it in place. Keeping your Texas rigs locked in place is critical for having a great day of duck hunting. We want to provide all the styles of decoy weights that hunters have come to love at affordable prices. At Migratory Bird Supply our weights are crafted for easy decoy rigging which eases stress while out on the field.

What size weight for Texas rig decoys?

When figuring out the right weight for your Texas rigs, it's important to know the distance you will have to carry them or throw them. You never want to go so heavy you can not cary 12 decoys comfortably. It is because of this we offer Texas rigging options of different lead decoy weight types that will complete your rigs.These are all the best decoy weights on the market for outfitting all your decoy Texas rigs.

What size weights for duck decoy anchors?

Duck decoy anchors come in a variety of wights and sizes perfect for any condition you may be hunting. The best thing is figure our the kind of duck hunting you will be doing from rice fields to river hunting. Figure out if you need an egg sinker, mushroom weight or some other style of decoy anchor. Then figure our how heavy you need it from 2oz all the way up to 16oz depending on the hunting conditions. Know what you need when decoy rigging your spread. The last thing you want is not enough weight and your duck decoys floating out of place.